Small tips for your hair before the wedding

One month before
Haircut – Color: A few days before your wedding day, it is good not to decide a big change in color or cut your hair.
If you want to pamper your hair tips. If you need to change color to your hair, a good idea is to do it several days before the wedding.

Accessories: You should avoid using hair accessories (iron, straighteners or htc), to acquire the hair lost its luster.

Hydration: A month before the wedding it would be good to do moisturizing mask or a hydrating treatment to your hair.
Ten days before the wedding should stop them, for not “borne” your hair and be light.

A day ago
One day before you can bathe your hair with a professional shampoo (2-3 reps) and apply a little conditioner on the ends. Then rinse your hair thoroughly. Use cold water as you can. Cold water gives shine to the hair!

The wedding day
It is advisable not you bathe your hair the day of the wedding, but the night before, so it is dry. This will help the hairstyle to last more (especially if your hair is thin)